Generations Church's heart for missions has a fire that will never burn out. Each year, we seek to not only increase our missions giving, but to also increase the opportunity for God's people to "go." In 2017, we are sending out teams to Cuba and local areas that need the light of Christ. In addition to these missions trips, we send funds and resources to many missionaries around the world. If we can't yet personally go, we seek to support those who can, both spiritually and financially. If you are interested in giving to help support missions click here. Also, if you are interested in attending one of these trips, check out the info below, and email Pastor Brian at

-2018 Missions Trips-

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World Missions

Africa Oasis (Clean Water)

John B. Alderman II (Belgium)

Kyle Alford (Eurasia)

Michael F. Froitzheim (India)

Joseph D. Gordon (Pen Asia)

Tony Gryskiewicz (Austria)

Caleb Hendon (Peru)

Ricky Hendon (Peru)

Douglas R. Jacobs, Jr. (Southern Asia)

Josh Lehmkuhl (Builders International)

Henry Marsh (Spain)

Ashley McKenzie (Spain)

Project Rescue (Human Trafficking)

Zach Rix (Honduras)

Steve Robertson (Canary Islands)

David Santiago (Spain)

Jimmy Susa (Venezuela)

Suzi Townsend (India)

*(sensitive Area)

*(sensitive Area)

*(sensitive Area)


U.S. Missions

Tim Buchholtz (Church Development)

Convoy of Hope, Rural Compassion (Hunger)

Keith Hall (Appalachia)

Hillcrest Children's Home (Children Issues)

Timothy Jones (MCPD Children)

Austin Myers (Horizon Church-Wisconsin)


State & Local Ministries

Rhianna Blackburn (Chi Alpha)

Anthony DeMoro (Chi Alpha)

Kassi Spencer (Chi Alpha)

Ashley Thompson (Chi Alpha)

Good News Outreach (Missions Oaks-Men)

Good Samaritan Network (Chelsea House-Women)

Tallahassee Teen Challenge (Men’s Center)

Pensacola Teen Challenge (Women’s Center)

West Florida District Camp 

Women’s Pregnancy Center of Tallahassee


Christian Higher Education



 * denotes missionaries who are serving in areas where for their safety, we do not post their names.